Dinner & Domination – deliciously perverted

Playing in the studio is undeniably thrilling, but there’s a special allure to meeting outside its walls. Meeting for “Dinner & Domination” offers an intimate alternative, free from the distractions of the studio. A relaxed evening begins with a meeting in your hotel room, where we can lose ourselves in the pleasure of play without the constraints of a schedule.

I like the opportunity to truly understand how someone ticks and know their desires beyond the surface. Sharing a meal together provides a unique opportunity to connect on a deeper level and it’s a chance to delve into conversations that are too risqué for “polite company.”

As a connoisseur of exquisite food and fine red wine, I take pleasure in weaving discreet strands of play into our culinary experience. I enjoy the electrifying thrill that comes from the interplay between normalcy and BDSM and the delicate line between maintaining decorum and indulging in desire. Only I know that you wear a secret plug or nipple clamps beneath your clothing, waiting for my touch to turn your dinner into a deliciously pleasurable torment. I might whisper dirty talk in your ear, knowing your chastity cage is getting tighter and tighter, it’s a tantalizing secret shared between us…

Or “manger à trois” with Miss Juliette and I if you dare!