Dirty Games

Check out my blog entry on the Studio Lux website for some of my thoughts about scat.


The caviar conisseur knows what it’s all about – deep submission, extreme worship and ecstatic highs. I love sharing this “dirty little secret” with someone and the taboo associated with it gives it an extra kick.

There are some common misconceptions about scat – that it will be too extreme, move too fast for you to get into the “zone” or that I will be too distant. But I love to combine KV sessions with closeness and sensuality and am skilled at getting even beginners further than they thought they would come. I whisper in your ear what you need to do, look deep into your eyes and before you know it…

I have had many KV sessions and no two people’s desire is exactly alike. Before our session, I like to hear from you about what your experiences and expectations are. I respect and understand your fetish and take pleasure in planning an exciting session.

KV requires extra planning, sessions should be booked at least 48 hours in advance.