Flogging – kissed by the whip

I love the staccato impact of a whip on the skin, the intensity of the pause between strokes and the heat of leather kissed skin. The rhythmic and percussive touch of the flogger fascinates me. I see a flogging as a dynamic dance created between bodies, the flogger acting as energetic conduit between us.

I enjoy every element of an impact play session and begin by peeling the layers of clothing off one by one to reveal the naked skin. I run my fingers along it in order to get a feel for your reactions before I use my toys, whether it is my hand or a leather whip. Then I pick up my flogger and trail it sensually across the skin, tickling out the first sounds in response to the sensation.

I love the weight of a whip in my hand, the intoxicating smell of leather and the sound of a whip as it flies through the air. I see the flogger as an extension of my hands and I like to use it in the same way, playing with caresses ranging from the barely perceptible to the deeply resonant.

I take my time to build up the intensity and I know exactly what to do to bring on that endorphin rush. Seeing how your body reacts to the reverberations of my touch makes my heart beat faster.

The pleasure glutton knows that sweet pain can lift one into orgasmic states and I love being the guide into these ecstatic realms.