Dinner & Domination – deliciously perverted

Playing in the studio is undeniably thrilling, but there’s a special allure to meeting outside its walls. Meeting for “Dinner & Domination” offers an intimate alternative, free from the distractions of the studio. A relaxed evening begins with a meeting in your hotel room, where we can lose ourselves in the pleasure of play without the constraints of a schedule.

I like the opportunity to truly understand how someone ticks and know their desires beyond the surface. Sharing a meal together provides a unique opportunity to connect on a deeper level and it’s a chance to delve into conversations that are too risqué for “polite company.”

As a connoisseur of exquisite food and fine red wine, I take pleasure in weaving discreet strands of play into our culinary experience. I enjoy the electrifying thrill that comes from the interplay between normalcy and BDSM and the delicate line between maintaining decorum and indulging in desire. Only I know that you wear a secret plug or nipple clamps beneath your clothing, waiting for my touch to turn your dinner into a deliciously pleasurable torment. I might whisper dirty talk in your ear, knowing your chastity cage is getting tighter and tighter, it’s a tantalizing secret shared between us…

Or “manger à trois” with Miss Juliette and I if you dare!

Role Play

Role play is a great way to step into a fantasy world in which unusual things happen and let yourself experience things you don’t get to normally.

Is role play new for you? One fear some beginners have is that it might be awkward or that they won’t say the right thing. No problem! I am experienced performer and know how to keep things flowing.

Setting the scene, choosing the right clothing and adding surprise elements to keep it exciting all get my creative juices flowing. I love the “classics” such as mother/son, teacher/student, boss/employee, but am open to your strange and delightful fantasies.

Listen to Lady Giorgina and I talking about role play in the podcast “10 Minuten LUX-us”.

Read my blog entry about sister/brother role play on the Studio Lux website.

Beginner Sessions

Are you curious to discover more about BDSM?

Would you like to explore your submissive or masochistic desires but don’t know where to start?

First off, I would like to reassure you that it is totally normal not to know what a session is like before having had one and to have questions. It is also natural to be nervous beforehand (even experienced subs get nervous before sessions!).

In a beginner session, we will meet as equals and have a conversation about your fantasies, discuss your limits and any questions you might have. We will do different things you are curious about – you can leave it up to my intuition and surrender in my experienced hands or let me know specifically what you want to try. I invite you to communicate with me during the session, let me know what is working and what is not. When the session is over, there is time for a relaxed chat and exchange about how the session was for you.

Contact me!

Surprise me!

If you don’t see what you are interested in, feel free to ask. I like to be surprised!

My Favorites…and a few taboos.

This video from LBD Film shows me doing some of my favorite things.

What I offer:


Ass worship

Bondage – Shibari

Breath play


Chastity training





Dirty talk





Erotic SM Massage



FF, Double FF

Fixx machine



Foot fetish


Group sessions



Latex fetish, latex sack

Leather fetish, leather sack

Lust object



Nipple Play


Playfight – sensual

Prostate massage

Role play


Sensory deprivation

Sensation play

Shoe/boot fetish




Tease and denial

Toilet session – NS, KV

Venus 2000

Wax play


Taboos: Vomit, Menstruation play, Resistance play, Drugs

Flogging – kissed by the whip

I love the staccato impact of a whip on the skin, the intensity of the pause between strokes and the heat of leather kissed skin. The rhythmic and percussive touch of the flogger fascinates me. I see a flogging as a dynamic dance created between bodies, the flogger acting as energetic conduit between us.

I enjoy every element of an impact play session and begin by peeling the layers of clothing off one by one to reveal the naked skin. I run my fingers along it in order to get a feel for your reactions before I use my toys, whether it is my hand or a leather whip. Then I pick up my flogger and trail it sensually across the skin, tickling out the first sounds in response to the sensation.

I love the weight of a whip in my hand, the intoxicating smell of leather and the sound of a whip as it flies through the air. I see the flogger as an extension of my hands and I like to use it in the same way, playing with caresses ranging from the barely perceptible to the deeply resonant.

I take my time to build up the intensity and I know exactly what to do to bring on that endorphin rush. Seeing how your body reacts to the reverberations of my touch makes my heart beat faster.

The pleasure glutton knows that sweet pain can lift one into orgasmic states and I love being the guide into these ecstatic realms.

Our dirty

little secret

“What do you find so exciting about scat sessions?”

I get asked this question a lot. It is something that I have put a lot of thought into, especially because scat was something I hadn’t tried before I started working as a pro-domme and it is now one of my favorite things to do. I had heard about it, of course, but it never piqued my interest. In fact, I was pretty sure that it was something I would never try. And what do you know, my first session as a professional domina was a scat session! I thought “Okay, I’ll try it once to see how it is and can always decide not to do another one if I don’t like it.” I remember how nervous I was before the session started and I can barely recount what we did leading up to the “grand finale”. But I remember so clearly the tremendous rush I felt as I pulled up my skirt and opened my legs, reminding him that he was there to be my toilet. I looked down at him waiting for my caviar and felt a kind of excitement I had never experienced before. His mouth opened in a gasp as I stood over him and lowered myself slowly toward his face. I will let you imagine how the rest of the session unfolded…

Since that first time a few years ago I have had sessions with absolute beginners to seasoned gourmands. I admire one’s desire to be a toilet and am fascinated by the different forms this fantasy takes. Whether it is the desire to transform into an object and be used, a way to show extreme devotion or simply to enjoy the closeness of my body then savoring the taste of me in his mouth…I see scat as the perfect combination of submission and worship.

I love the taboo associated with scat.

I know when someone comes to me for my caviar, I might be the only person in the world that knows about it because one can’t share this fantasy with just anyone. It’s our dirty little secret. This is just one of the reasons I find it incredibly intimate.

I associate a particular sensuality with lovers of scat – the connoisseur can certainly understand how electrifying it is to experience someone’s body both on the inside and the outside – whether taking it directly from the source or laying in the gorgeous toilet from Style Fetisch at Studio Lux.

I do scat sessions mornings between 10:00-13:00. Because certain preparations are required, the session begins long before we meet in the studio as I plan what to eat for dinner in anticipation of the upcoming session. I always find it titillating imagining in the evening what it will be like the next morning.

And last but not least – there is something that feels extremely kinky about leaving the studio after an intense scat session and going outside into broad daylight. Quite often it seems as if we enjoy our most perverse fantasies at night. Doing something so taboo, so intimate, so exciting in the morning means that I have the rest of the day to savor the memories that pop up every now and then and enjoy the tingle I get when thinking about sexy experiences!